Loving the Limelight


Loving the Limelight

Or at least I would be if it was shining on me. Maybe.

What are you loving right now? Or who?

I’m loving the fact that I’ve finally jumped into the ‘Twitterverse’ and dropped my first Tweet-bomb. Can you believe it?! Taking control of technology and letting myself limit my word count!

How do you feel about working with 140 characters? OMG. WTF?! How do you fit it all in? (OK, that was 87 characters, so I’m doing alright!) LOL! (Another 4). BAM!

Busy Tweeting

Busy Tweeting

But back to the limelight. I went to a sales presentation last night and was loving the language the presenter was lashing us with. Not least because it was laden with L-words. (If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know today, in my ABC journey, I’m up to ‘L’). Life was perfectly timed to coincide with a product launch that was all about lifestyle, luxury, leadership and lattes. Loving the logo, living life beyond the limits. Even just a little. And lassoing the largest market share. Luscious!

What excites you about language? And L-words? Are there words that you just adore to use; that make you feel alive? Words you loathe, and avoid like a putrescent disease? I’m looking forward to my S-day so I can sing the praises of shambolic, succulent and shazam!

Sally forth!

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