Quick! Get the Camera!


Snap Happy

Thank God and the Queen for long weekends. But damn them both for not making long weekends last even longer!

I’m back home, easing back into ye olde routine after a long weekend on the beautiful mid-North Coast. I had my camera out happily snapping, and ticking things off my list. As of today The List has 160 items, 3 of which have been crossed off, 6 are in motion, and there’s space for 40 more so I can tick off item #100 – Add another 100 things to the growing behemoth!

On Friday I ticked #86 off the list by visiting a butterfly farm. I know, it’s small and cheesy but it’s great motivation to keep pushing ahead with some of the bigger, more impressive items like #94 – Take a photo a day, every day for a year. Or #19 – Be my own boss.



When it comes to writing your own list, don’t let small and cheesy or big and impressive stop you. Go all out! List everything! What have you always wanted to do? Make one of you mum’s prized recipes? Me too! (#102). Go cheese rolling in Gloucester? Me too!! (#106). Drive across the US in a black 1967 Chevy Impala following the trail of Sam and Dean Winchester? Wouldn’t you know it?! Me too!!! (#84). Dream big, my friend! Dream big. Dream small. Just dream. And write it down. Write it down and share it with a friend. Write it on your blog. Send it out there into the world. Then pick one thing on that list and tick the hell out of it. Then pick another. Then another.

And be on the lookout for ticking opportunities that start finding their way to you as your tick-fest gathers momentum. Be open to ticks turning up in disguise, or as part of a package deal. Don’t assume that #39 “Be a Superhero for a day” is only going to happen when you go out and hire a nice tight Batman costume. It might. But it might happen when you save the day in another way – telling someone just the thing they needed to hear to get them through the day; finding a child’s lost teddy bear; doing the dishes! Just as items #19, #26, #35, #127, #148, #151 & #160 are all being tethered together as I sally forth to conquer #6.

Have you written a list yet? If not, I truly, madly, deeply recommend it. There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking something off it. You don’t need to write a list of 100 things, or a list of 1,000. Just start with 1 and see where that takes you.

And send me a copy!


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