Rejig Your Brain, Rewrite Your Life


I ate cricket balls on the weekend. They were really tasty. Especially the ones with the sesame seed coating – my favourite! Bulletproof organic coffee, activated LSA spread, delicious herbals teas. All the yummy stuff. All the fabulous fragrances. All the amazing brain training techniques at the Mindd Foundation Forum.

The Mindd Foundation Forum is all about brain health, nutrition, and connecting world experts in integrative healthcare with patients, parents and carers. I was invited to be part of the exhibition stand for Evian Eyecare. David Evian is a Behavioural Optometrist who helps children and adults train their eyes and brains to best process visual information. You might have perfect eyesight, but the messages being sent from your eyes to your brain might not be getting through correctly, resulting in learning difficulties, poor concentration or headaches. That’s where David steps in. He’ll test your eyes and maybe prescribe some coloured lenses, or some prisms and eye exercises that will help you start retraining the way your eyes and brain work together so that you’re at the top of your visual game.

Rose Coloured Glasses

I find it absolutely fascinating the way the brain works, and seeing the ways that it can be retrained to give people better lives. I read an amazing book a few months ago called The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge. He tells some incredible stories of people who have had horrific issues with their brains (from being born with only half a brain, to mental retardation; from stroke victims to debilitating OCD) all successfully retraining their brains to enable themselves to live highly functional and happy lives.

It makes me wonder just what we can do with our lives when we have so called “normal” brains, if someone with a severe brain dysfunction can train their brain to be highly functional. How amazing can we make our lives by training a brain that is already highly functional?

If you could train your brain to let go of fears, what fears would you let go of? If you could train your brain to think in new and exciting ways, what kinds of thoughts would you want to think? If you could train your brain to learn an amazing new skill, what skill would it be?

We can retrain our brains and recreate our lives. So, what life are you going to create?

After my crickety taste testing session I know I’m not going to need to work on any fear of insects. But public speaking? That’s a whole other story!

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