The Wedding Singer


Let's get hitched

Your awesomeness just blows me away!

It’s official, you may now start calling me Robbie Hart! Yes, it’s true. Yesterday, I warmed up my vocal chords and sang approximately 12 words at the wedding of the year. My babiest brother, Matt, and his adorable squeeze, Alana tied the knot in the most delightful ceremony ever. Never before have I seen such a wonderful combination of tattoos and flowers and chinos and superheroes. If I ever get married I’m going to be sorely pressed to outdo such a colourful shindig. There was not a dry eye in the house. Nor was there a dry one out of the house. And the tears weren’t due to my pitiful singing ability. They were all thanks to the overwhelming show of love between the gorgeous couple. Thanks team for making me look like a panda before lunch time!

I thought it might be fun to share with you the wedding blessing I wrote for Matt & Lan. It took me weeks of panic and research and typing and deleting, but I got there in the end. I’m pretty sure they liked it. I hope that you do to!


The Wedding Blessing for Matty & Lan Lan

When Matt and Alana asked me to write them a wedding blessing, I had a small crisis on the inside.

“What do I know about weddings? And what do I know about blessings? Not a lot.” But what I do know a bit about is gods and goddesses, so I’m going to ask them to give me a hand with this blessing today.

Are you listening up there?!


May the goddess Aphrodite bless your marriage with true love.
May the old goddess Fortuna rain good luck from up above.
May fat and happy children be delivered by Kuan Yin.
And Hestia bless your happy home whenever you’re within.

When you need strength may Rollins bring reminders that you’ll grow
Closer tiny dancers, for Elton told him so.
When Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes come may Bowie run to keep your spirits up,
Until Dionysus arrives to refill your wine cup.

May Morpheus, the god of dreams, make all your dreams come true.
May Lionel sing it All Night Long that babe, I’m Stuck on You.
Thank the gods above you found such love, and may you bless each other.
Extra special blessings Lan, for marrying my brother!



Congratulations Matty & Lan Lan. You guys sure know how to rock an amazing wedding!

A Wheelie Wonderful Wedding

A Wheelie Wonderful Wedding

(When I get my hands on some of the official photos I can whack them up here on the blog if you feel like showing off!)

8 thoughts on “The Wedding Singer

  1. Not a dry eye? Too right! It was a magical day – the sun came out for the ceremony, the happy couples love was oozing around and BAM! Onions 🙂 Thanks for allowing us to share in the celebrations of your most special day. Much love xxx

    • Yes indeed Milly. Someone backed up an almighty HUGE onion truck and dumped a hefty load all over us! Remember, when life brings you onions, make onion jam! What a jammy weekend we all had. And will continue to have. Especially once I touch down in Big Banana Land in approximately 90 minutes!
      Love you Sis! xx

  2. This was the best day of my life. And having you there made it all that better. Couldn’t ask for a better sister in law, and the most ridiculously amazing husband (yes, it might sound corny to everyone else). Still laughing and crying and singing and dancing from such a great weekend. My face hurts from smiling so much. Thanks again sis, your wedding blessing was perfect, am looking forward to the visit from
    Bowie when we our spirits need to be lifted! xx

    • Lan Lan, it was a fantabulous day. I had an absolute ball. So blessed to have another amazing little sister. Keep laughing and crying and singing and dancing. And smile, smile, smile. Remember, if Bowie can’t make it to use his pointy nipples as telescopic antennae to transmit data back to Earth and tell you: “Ground Control to Major Tom, Take your protein pills and put your helmet on,” there’s always Bret and Jemaine to remind you “It’s business, it’s business time” especially when “Inner city life. Inner city pressure. The concrete world is starting to get ya.”
      Love ya! See you on the road. ~Sista K xx

  3. I’m still dehydrated from crying like a little girly man……… Or maybe it was the extreme liver punishing mixed drinks session that followed the ceremony. Thank you for being part of such an awesome day we will remember for ever. Detox and diet starts on Monday xxxx

    • Did I hear somebody say “cry me a river, JT?” You had the best tears ever, dude! Thanks for inviting me to your wonderful wedding, and making me conquer my fear of public speaking! Love you guys to bits, and I’ll see you on the treadmill, chugging down the green juices!
      Mwah! ~Kylie xx

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