If Every Day Was a Holiday

Just Chillin' Like a Villain

Just Chillin’ Like a Villain

If every day was a holiday I’d wake up to the sounds of birds singing. I’d slowly roll out of bed, wander into the kitchen then grind up some freshly roasted award winning single origin organic coffee beans. I’d pop those bad boys in a stylish coffee percolator and allow the delicious aroma to wake me up another notch. With the divine brew heating up the perfect hand-warming mug, I’d sit out on the back verandah, gazing at the sun rising over the explosion of flowers in the garden, and welcome in the new day.

If every day was a holiday I’d try new and unusual foods like German Presswurst, Russian garlic, warrigal greens, bush asparagus, wombat berries and bush celery. I’d give it a red hot go, even if it might destroy a mouthful of tastebuds.


Octopods to the Rescue!

Octopods to the Rescue!

If every day was a holiday I’d build things I’ve never built before like an octopod for beans to grow up, flexing their tendrils, reaching for the sky. I’d build a barbecue for the best sausage sizzle in town. You know the one I’m talking about: the one where the tastiest sausages explode as you bite into them, dripping sizzling fat down your chin. Pleasure and pain in just one bite.

6pm and only 8,000 pieces to go!

6pm and only 8,000 pieces to go!

If every day was a holiday I’d have big girls’ days out, and buy lip gloss and pat dinosaurs and eat Old Mac Dac Donald’s for lunch. I’d ride (fake) horses, and Sega Rally and shoot animated wildebeest. I’d have my first Sex on the Beach and watch back to back episodes of Naked and Afraid, thankful I’m clothed and safe.

If every day was a holiday I’d learn new things, like post-bloom pig face flowers taste like salty strawberries; like drawing requires a change of perception, and we can all do it – easily; like I can make really good Mojitos and scones (on separate occasions); like there’s an island in the Bellinger river that’s home to a population of flying foxes.

And because every day is a holiday, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. And why I’ve been slacking off on the blog. But it’s a brand new day, the sun is shining over the explosion of flowers in the garden, the birds are singing, the coffee tastes amazing and I thought that you should know. And even though some days aren’t holidays, there’s always sunshine (even if it’s in hiding), there’s always flowers and birdsong. And if you’re going to have an addiction, Amelia Franklin’s specialty fair-trade organic coffee from Bellingen is my addiction of choice.

I hope you’re having a really fantastic day. Make it a holiday. Any way you can!

8 thoughts on “If Every Day Was a Holiday

  1. Reblogged this on Rockin Dads Unite and commented:
    I love this post. It is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and completely lose sight of what’s in front of us. Exceptional beauty, in sights, sounds and smells all around – not to mention that throat scolding hot, nervous system invigorating award winning delicious cuppa joe we take all for granted. I think it is time we all cashed in a sick day or two and take a mental holiday. Enjoy the imagery.

    Rockin Dad

    • Thanks for the reblog Rockin Dad. So glad you liked my post! For anyone else who’s having a rough time of it, I highly recommend taking some time out and getting out of your usual environment. Go stay with friends or family for a couple of days (or weeks!) I’m so blessed and grateful for the wonderful friends and family that I have who have welcomed me with open arms into a wonderful new life experience. Makes those delicious cuppa joes that much tastier!
      Love, Kylie xx

    • Hey MattyC, holidaying IS hard work. All that relaxation really takes it out of you… as you’ll discover in a few short months time. I must admit though, my idea IS pretty bloody good!
      Love, Kylie xx

    • Thanks chumbaleo. I’ll check with the owner of the place I’m staying at, but I’m sure she’ll let you stay. I mean, everyone deserves a holiday. Even if it’s at home!
      Love, Kylie xx

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