To Blog or Not to Blog?

Write it Down

That is my question for today. And my B-word. I figured because I wrote about an A-word yesterday, today should really focus on a B-word. Following this logic, tomorrow will therefore feature a C-word.

But B-words and blogging are the be all and end all when it comes to my question. Do you think I should take up the challenge of blogging every day? Will it supercharge my creativity if I do it every day for a year? Every day for a week? How about a month? If I take a leaf out of my ABC logic, I’ll be blogging every day for 26 days. That sounds doable. But 26 isn’t a particularly exciting number. It isn’t lovely and round like 100. And it doesn’t feel all milestoney the way 21 or 40 or a million does.

And what about this B-word:


Is there something you can take as a preventative measure? What do you think? Boring. Bland. Blah. All a bit scary, right? My inner perfectionist is wagging her finger at me, saying, “Don’t even think about attempting this one, Sunshine.”

Bugger it! Boring be damned, I’m taking up the challenge. Blogging every day… until my birthday.

Bloody hell. Better find something breathtaking to say!