Dream Big!

Trawling the Markets for the Best Arteries

Sunday, a day of rest? No way! Sunday was all about developing the dream, and driving around Sydney in a big arsed truck. Talking to farmers, bakers and garbage purveyors at Marrickville Market, where hippies and hipsters hunt and gather alongside mums, dads, kids and dogs. The aim of the day was to collect materials with which to build a blue whale’s heart.

A blue whale’s heart is almost as tall as me, weighs around 600kg and beats around six times a minute. Impressive, right?! Discovering the materials needed to bring one to life is a delicious adventure in itself. Searching through styrofoam for the perfect artery, climbing over the detritus of last year’s set dressings. Feathers and fabrics and furniture parts, mannequin bits and broken carts. It’s a grown up kid’s wonderland!

To build your own blue whale’s heart, just take one large truck, a hotline to the parking angels, a tape measure and an active imagination. Combine them with a healthy dose of determination to make the dream concrete – it’s handy when you work in construction! Mix in a dash of crazy and you’re on your way.

Note: Do not to dissolve into a puddle of panic when the exhibition date looms. All you need to do is just get it done. And remember, you’re living the dream – it’s bigger than a blue whale’s heart!


And so it begins

In the Deep End

Time to start flexing my writing muscles again after going missing in action for an ungodly amount of time. When I say ungodly, yes, I do mean that I was hanging in the underworld with Lucifer himself. But you can only warm your feet by the fire for so long. They soon start to itch and it’s time to get the Hell out of there!

So, what am I going to write about? I don’t know yet! Then why am I writing? For the joy of writing. And to bring a little magic back into life. One. Word. At. A. Time.

Today’s word: Art.

“Why art?” I hear you ask. Why not? It starts with A, just like the Alphabet. AND because I got a phone call recently from my friend Ronan. All aflap, he says “the exhibition’s been moved forward to July! Holy Fuck!” Setting off a chain of events that have led me here. And to setting up another blog over here. And needing an occasional shiraz over here. And here. And here. All in the last few days!

So, to be double-blogging is going to test my mettle. But what’s a mettle if it’s not to be tested? Hey, I’ve faced bigger challenges than this. In fact, I have a list of 150-odd challenges (recently renamed ‘achievements’) to hit. But they’re for another blog post. Today, art. Art and our exhibition, ‘How Big is Your Heart?’ scheduled for an upcoming Shine event. We have 9 weeks to pull our team together and create like there’s no tomorrow! There’s been a mountain of brainstorming amidst the styrofoam and panic attacks, and there’s bound to be plenty of story fodder to chew on. You can check out the menu over at Chiron Creative. At the moment it’s looking a little sparse but by the weekend there should at least be an amuse bouche for you to sample!

In the mean time I’m just enjoying the fact that my creative passion has been reignited. I’m saving the meltdown for after the show!