Full Moon Rising (almost)

Rise up!

Rise up!

I went for a run tonight; my post-work head clearing (and calorie burning) ritual. The almost-full moon was rising over the ocean, its beams flickering over the waves. A hypnotic invitation to just let go. It’s fascinating how quickly the thoughts and stresses of the day evaporate as you step (or run) into the flow. That feeling where there is no time, no mind chatter, no distractions. It’s just you in the moment. Free.

Within those moments of freedom the occasional bright spark of an idea might flicker. When it does you’d better run home quick to write it down. Repeat that idea like a mantra with each footfall. Over and over and over and oh look, a possum!

Tonight I flew through the door and scribbled my idea down with a flourish before it disappeared. It’s now patiently waiting to be examined in the crisp coolness of the dawn.

What steps do you take to get into the flow? And how do you avoid distractive possums on your evening run?