Dream Big!

Trawling the Markets for the Best Arteries

Sunday, a day of rest? No way! Sunday was all about developing the dream, and driving around Sydney in a big arsed truck. Talking to farmers, bakers and garbage purveyors at Marrickville Market, where hippies and hipsters hunt and gather alongside mums, dads, kids and dogs. The aim of the day was to collect materials with which to build a blue whale’s heart.

A blue whale’s heart is almost as tall as me, weighs around 600kg and beats around six times a minute. Impressive, right?! Discovering the materials needed to bring one to life is a delicious adventure in itself. Searching through styrofoam for the perfect artery, climbing over the detritus of last year’s set dressings. Feathers and fabrics and furniture parts, mannequin bits and broken carts. It’s a grown up kid’s wonderland!

To build your own blue whale’s heart, just take one large truck, a hotline to the parking angels, a tape measure and an active imagination. Combine them with a healthy dose of determination to make the dream concrete – it’s handy when you work in construction! Mix in a dash of crazy and you’re on your way.

Note: Do not to dissolve into a puddle of panic when the exhibition date looms. All you need to do is just get it done. And remember, you’re living the dream – it’s bigger than a blue whale’s heart!