Technical Knock Out

He's mine!

He’s mine!

It’s Sunday evening and I can hear the neighbours going at it hammer and tongs downstairs. How utterly delightful! But I guess I could use it as a semi-appropriate soundtrack to tonight’s blog post as I regale you with my adventures from the past few days. Otherwise I could always jam my aurally abused earholes with the earplugs I bought myself today – seriously, I must be psychic. First, a return to the speed dating frenzy from Thursday night. As per previous speed dating evenings there was lots of sparkling wine and lots of laughs, but only one guy in IT – hurrah! So the evening didn’t fall flat on its face. However, the same can’t be said for a couple of the lovely ladies who were my opponents in vying for the attention of almost 10 gents. Virgin speed daters, these two fine lasses introduced themselves to me as “good friends”. But by the end of the night they were arch enemies, having drunkenly duked it out over a couple of the guys who they’d known for all of eight minutes.

Hahah! Nope, he's MINE!!!

Hahah! Nope, he’s MINE!!!

I escaped the scene of the carnage delighting in the knowledge that my “good friend” is over in Jordan right now, so there was no chance I’d have to worry about starting my own Female Fight Club. Tyler Durden can stay tucked away for another tempestuous Thursday night! But if you could fight anyone, who would you fight? Don’t say William Shatner! The thrills and spills of Thursday night left the weekend for getting art and about. After a familial brunch on Saturday where I told the tale of my novel-to-be for the ten-billionth time, it was off to Leichhardt to scope the size of the space for the upcoming art exhibition. That in turn led to me getting trussed up like this:

Big Foot the Clown

Big Foot the Clown

And learning the ins and outs of how to fibreglass a blue whale’s heart – the key’s in the dabbing; how to stop your safety goggles from fogging up – take them off; and what to do in an emergency situation when there’s no Malbec to hand – Merlot’s a decent alternative (and it works nicely with blue cheese). I also got my elbows out today and fought the crowds at the State Library on the final day of their World Press Photo exhibition. Some of the photos looked just like Fight Club, only for real. It’s a crazy, crazy world we live in, alright, so I’m going to take a moment now to count my blessings. And pop in my earplugs. Ahh, bliss!

Speed Dating with Sourdough

I’ve been mulling over what story to tell you these past few days. Alas, there hasn’t been a great deal of excitement unfolding this week. I guess I could have written about my adventure to the dentist on Tuesday afternoon. But there was really nothing to tell. No holes. No drilling. No root canals. Just cleaning, flossing and a ghastly banana flavoured fluoride treatment. I could have written about a networking event I went to last night but again, nothing over-the-top-exciting to note. Nice people. Nice wine. Nice food – just not enough of it!

Open Up & Say Aahhh!!!


But today brings a spot of excitement. Speed dating strikes again!

Have you ever been speed dating? I have. It’s a scream! Throw together a bunch of people. Mix gently with “free-flowing champagne”. Maybe add a dash of trivia, or if that’s not to your taste, perhaps try a splash of wine appreciation knowledge, or a pinch of foodie flavouring. If you’re watching your waistline, perhaps some fit and healthy speed dating will have you running back for more. Stir the participants around the table every eight minutes and watch the steam rise. Unless of course everyone works in IT and then the whole thing may fall flat.

Your 8 Minutes Start NOW!

Your 8 Minutes Start NOW!

If your speed dating recipe is successful you may find that it leads to a delicious amuse bouche; a fine entree into some rather hot dates. Or perhaps a spicy slow-cooked relationship may develop. Should a break-up occur, however, have no fear! It doesn’t mean you have to start your dating from scratch again. Just get right back into your apron and whip up another opportunity to improve your recipe. Or simply have another taste test!

I have my knife and fork at the ready for a night of Food & Wine Lovers Speed Dating. Oh. My. God. Food AND Wine? AND Lovers? Sounds like the ultimate combination for a chilly Sydney Thursday evening. I hope I find some tasty morsels to review in my 10-course dating degustation.

Right, it’s 8 minutes until round 1. Brace yourself, I’m heading in. Pray I don’t get burned!